Homoeopathy is a branch of medicine originated in Germany in 1794,which is based on the principle of"The Law of Similars" hereby a substance which is capable of producing a disease like state is administered to the patient,but in a very minute dose,to cure the similar disease.

Contrary to the conventional medicine,the action of homoeopathy is much safer,deeper acting,somewhat slower,and results much longer lasting by energizing the body's curative powers.

There are theories on how exactly homoeopathic medicine works.As supported in major clinical trials and in practice,it is believed to be working by stimulating body's own healing mechanisms.

Especially in cases of chronic,long standing and recurring diseases like allergies, bronchitis,Crohn's disease,Psoriasis,Rheumatism,Sinusitis, Trigeminal Neuralgia,Ulcerative Collitis,Vitiligo,etc,Homoeopathy offers results which can improve the quality of the life of the patients.

In the cases of allergic diseases like Asthma,urticaria,and the like,it can enhance body's immune mechanism in such a way that the body no more reacts in abnormal way by producing constricted bronchial tubes,abnormal release of histamine,spasm,inflammation,etc.

In cases of ulcerative diseases(like Ulcerative colitis),it leads the immune mechanism to enhance ulcer healing mechanism.

This goes true for most chronic diseases.

Misconstruction has surrounded homoeopathy ever since its inception.Even after 200 years,homoeopathy has remained the most misunderstood or ill-understood medical science ever; unfortunately,within the homoeopathic profession as well.Diversity of view-points on the scope of treatment in the profession may not be a healthy sign for the growth of the science.Homoeopathy is among the youngest of medical sciences calling for modern approach and extensive research.Some points related to misinterpretation about various facets of homoeopathy,by the homoeopaths,are raised and discussed.From dictionaries to encyclopedia to websites and books,it is almost explicitly explained ‘what is homeopathy’; however, it is equally important to discuss about what HOMOEOPATHY IS NOT.

Homoeopathy is one of the most mysterious science streams,which is highly ill-understood,misunderstood,over-understood and hence there exists confusion in the minds of not only the lay-people (patients) but also the homoeopaths themselves.

After having spent almost two decades in the study,learning,practicing,teaching,promotion and research in the field of homoeopathy,I will rightfully share my thoughts and concerns; explaining what actually is NOT homoeopathy.

I hope this piece of article will stimulate many.


Myth:Homoeopathy is simply herbal medicine.:

Fact: Not really.Homoeopathy is much more than herbal medicine.It has medicines sourced from herbs,minerals,chemicals,animal products,organisms,etc. And,very importantly,it is backed by a sophisticated method of medicine preparation,sound scientific principles and deep philosophy.

Myth:Homoeopathy cures all diseases.

Fact:No system of medicine can cure all the diseases.Many people believe that homoeopathy is a miracle science,it can make magical cure in even most incurable diseases such as cancer,comatose stages,paralysis,etc.Actually.IT IS NOT. Homoeopathy is simple a science based on certain laws (law of similars);with its own scope and limitations.There are rules,parameters and methods of application,which determine the scope of treatment. Homoeopathy is very effective but please do not expect magic or miracles.Homoeopathy can cure early stages of Rheumatoid arthritis but not the deformities,which go with it,as an example.

Myth:Homoeopathy is a placebo therapy.

Fact:Homoeopathy is a proven therapy,used successfully for last 200 years in over 170 countries;supported by scientific studies.It shows once ignorance if one believes that homoeopathy is placebo.

Myth:Homoeopathic medicines contain steroid or cortisone!

Fact:It is absurd to even think that homoeopathy may contain cortisone.

Myth:Homoeopathy is very slow.

Fact:Homoeopathy is little slower than the allopathic medicines;but not very slow.Since it deals with chronic and difficulty diseases,the course of treatment may seem slow and long.

Myth:Homoeopathic medicines cannot be taken with the conventional (allopathic) medicines.

Fact:Conventional medicines and homoeopathic medicines can safely be taken together,with advantage,without any harm.Over importance to the theory of suppression of diseases in homoeopathy is misleading,very often.Yes,use of immunosuppressive medicines such as corticosteroids,etc.leads to suppression of immune system,eventually taking the disease to deeper levels.This is very well understood in homoeopathic philosophy.

Some may believe that ‘modern medicine’ and homoeopathy against each other,contrary;kind of enemies!I have always wondered, how such concepts have grown in the minds of medicos,homoeopaths and lay-people.Homoeopathy is just a science;a part of medical science.

If we look at the evolution of engineering sciences,do we believe that computer engineering is contrary to the electronics;mechanical engineering opposing to electrical or civil engineering’s? Not really.They all are complementing each other.Why don’t we have maturity when it comes to medical sciences?

Myth:Homoeopathy is very fast!

Fact:It is not even very fast.It all depends on the nature of disease that is under treatment.

Myth:Homoeopathy cures all diseases permanently:

Fact:Not always,to be honest.Homoeopathy gives lasting results for sure.The word permanent is theoretical,which cannot be promised for,in difficult diseases.

Myth:Coffee and onion cannot be taken during homoeopathic treatment.

Fact:Can be taken,keeping a gap of about half an hour.

Myth:Investigations such as x-ray,blood test,MRI,etc.are not required for homoeopathic treatment.

Fact:All sort of investigations are required and useful for better and effective homoeopathic treatment.

Myth:Diagnosis is not required for homoeopathic treatment.

Fact:Diagnosis helps to make better prescription of homoeopathic medicines.

Myth:Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed only on the mind symptoms of the patient.

Fact:The homoeopathic fraternity is also not fully saved of this mis-belief. The study of the mental attitudes, the emotions and the mind-set is one of the important aspects of patient-study in homoeopathy. However, it is not the sole determining factor.

Myth: Vitamins, iron-tonic, etc. should not be taken during homoeopathic treatment.

Fact:Can be taken.Tonics and supplements are part of homoeopathic treatment!

Myth:Homoeopathy is against surgery.

Fact:Not really.Surgery is a part of homoeopathy.Interestingly,some of the surgical diseases(life piles,fissure,tonsillitis,etc.)can be cured without surgery.Surgery is neither a property of modern medicines nor of homoeopathy.It has to be understood that homoeopathy is a therapeutic method of treating diseases in certain manner.Surgery is a method of treating diseases in a different manner,without medicines.Both are complementary to each other.Precisely,therefore,the homeopathic training in India trains every homoeopath for basic surgery,at undergraduate level,as much as it trains a modern medico.Every qualified homeopath in India is a physician and a surgeon.

Myth:Homoeopathy is practiced by some quacks and those who have no scientific back-ground...

Fact:Well,homoeopathy in most parts of the world is practiced by qualified conventional doctors, the practitioners of the modern medicine.The founder of homoeopathy,Dr. Samuel Hahnemann,MD was a German scientist.And most of the masters and the pioneers in the past were enlightened conventional doctors.

Those who think we are quacks, we just smile...

Homoeopathy is no panacea.

It has its own set of limitations.We do fail in many cases,and keep learning to heal the suffering humanity. Homoeopathy is not an ultimate medicine,for nothing is ultimate in this universe.

Also the concept of suppression,whereby some believe that anti-fever(paracetamol),pain killers,antibiotics,always lead to suppression;and must always be avoided.This is not true,in my opinion.This calls for scientific debate.

Any contradiction to concept of the constitutional medicine is a potential trigger for third world war,amongst homoeopaths at least.After twenty years of intense homoeopathic practice,I believe that the ‘constitutional medicine’ is a hype created in the profession.It calls for a review and re-evaluation.

It is a huge topic,cannot be discussed in length here.

The homoeopathic professionals have been taught to be dogmatic about the use of ‘single remedy’at a time,for all patients,all the time.It is very hard to break this fixity and evolve from this rigid shell;which even the father of homoeopathy,Dr.Hahnemann,could not outgrow in his time.The homoeopaths tend to be either emotional when it comes to talking about the use of more remedies in a give case or shy away from discussing about it.The profession has yet to enter into a scientific discussion about so-called poly-pharmacy(multiple medicines). No complex case be cured using a single remedy forever,barring only a few exceptions. I deal with very severe pathologies such as Ulcerative colitis,Ankylosing spondylitis,Trigeminal Neuralgia,Nephrotic Syndrome,etc.where it is not possible to administer a single remedy and wait.Every delay could be detrimental and not justified. ‘Single remedy, single dose’ are the magic phrases found in homoeopathic textbooks;no more relevant in today’s medical practice.I have practiced the said phrases very religiously for over a decade and half;and have evolved from the dogmatism. In brief,I would say,all cases may not find a constitutional medicine and can still be treated with success.

Sticking to the idea of single remedy and single dose could even lead to criminal negligence.